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Internet Safety Presentation 2017

Presentations from Teenage Years Conference held in the Clarion Hotel, Sligo

Internet Safety -Dr Maureen Griffin B.A. M.A. Ph.D Forensic Psychologist
Understanding Teenage Drug Use -Dr Des Corrigan
The Teenage Brain -Mark O'Callaghan HSE Psychology Services
Strengthening Families -Donna Butler North West Families Matter Programme Manager
Meet The Parents -Mary Hough, Director, Sligo Education Centre

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The Guidance Service
Guidance Counsellors -
Miss. Lynch & Miss. Carden

The role of the Guidance Counsellor

Referral system


The Facilities Available

The Appointment System



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The role of the Guidance Counsellor

Helping students to explore their thoughts and feelings and the choices open to them; giving care and support to students learning to cope with the many aspects of growing up.

Helping students to obtain self-understanding through the use of psychometric tests and other inventories.

Providing students with objective and factual data in education and training opportunities, occupations, labour, market information, entitlements etc.

Making suggestions based on the advisor’s own knowledge and experience and the information available at the time.

Educational Development Programmes 
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to studying, examination performance, choices of subjects and levels.

Personal and social development programmes    
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and skills relating to a student’s personal and social development, self-awareness, decision-making and planning.


Referral system

Self referral
Students can request to see the Guidance Counsellor themselves. (Note appointment procedure in place).

Referral from the Principal/Deputy principal
The student will be told that a meeting with the student and the Guidance Counsellor is to be requested.

Referral from another member of staff
The student will be informed that a meeting has been requested.

Request by the Guidance Counsellor
Referral to outside agencies.



Confidentiality is at the discretion of the Guidance Counsellor.
The principal, Mr. Irwin, is informed of all meetings which have taken place in the Guidance Office.


The Facilities Available

Guidance Counsellor
Office (situated off the main hall)
Guidance Library
Two computers
Two printers
Internet access
Extensive literature on many aspects of education, careers, personal issues etc.


The Appointment System 

An appointment card system is in place.
An appointment is scheduled by the Guidance Counsellor when a referral is made.
The appointment cards are put into the roll books on the morning of the appointment.
Your timetabled teacher must sign the card at the time of the appointment.
You must present the signed appointment card to the Guidance Counsellor. 

An Emergency Appointment

Emergency appointments will be dealt with at the Guidance Counsellor’s discretion.
Relevant parties will be informed of a student’s absence from class as soon as is convenient.



The Guidance service is available to everyone.

One Guidance Counsellor/490 students.

Students will be seen individually on a priority basis e.g. LC’s get priority at college application time.

Emergencies will be dealt with as quickly as possible.





SpunOut.ie is Ireland’s leading online youth health, lifestyle and citizenship resource for 16 to 25 year olds. The website can be accessed via the internet and mobile phones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that young people always have access to information and support if and when they need it.SpunOut.ie provides a safe online space for young people to realise they are not alone in the issues they face whilst growing up and that they can make a positive change to their own wellbeing and to the world around them.


Bodywhys is the Irish National Charity, which offers support, information and understanding for people with eating disorders, their families and friends.


Manages applications to Uk higher education courses.


Processes applications to the first year of undergraduate courses in the Republic of Ireland.  


Qualifax is Ireland’s National Learners Database. It is the “one stop shop” for learners. It provides the most comprehensive information on further and higher education and training courses.


CareersPortal.ie is an Irish resource dedicated to those who want to plan their career. Whether you are a school student, college graduate or considering a mid-career change, It will collect and present the most useful information available to help you along the way.







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