Current School Policies at St. Clare's:

Our Admissions Policy (September 2020)
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment & Homework Policy
Attendance Policy
Acceptable Use Policy 2018
Child Protection - Policy Statement (March 2019)
Child Protection - Examples of Risks of Harm (March 2019)
Child Protection - Child Safeguard Risk Assessment (March 2019)
Child Protection - Procedures to address risks of harm (March 2019)
Class Times August 2015
Career Break, Job Sharing and Secondment Policy (Feb 2017)
CCTV Monitoring Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Policy (Review May 2019)
Data Controller Policy
Discipline Policy (Sept 2014)
Extra-Curricular Policy
First Year Induction Policy
Healthy Choices Policy
Learning Support Policy (Nov 2014)
Positive Behaviour Policy
Punctuality Policy
School Rules Policy 2015
Student Mentoring Policy (Jan 2018)
Substance Use Policy
Tour Policy (Dec 2018)
Website Privacy Notice (Jan 2019)
Post of Responsibility Appeal Form (Apr 2019)

Literacy Strategies at St. Clare's
Using Organisers
Comprehension Strategies

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