Post-primary Education in Manorhamilton

St. Clare's Comprehensive school was established in 1971 and opened in September 1972 with staff and pupils from the local Vocational School and St. Joseph's College. Further staff and pupils transferred to St. Clares's following the sudden closure of the Vocational School in Kiltyclogher in September 1973.

Mission Statement To create a caring, disciplined and Christian environment where all students and staff can reach their potential.


To educate for life
To promote tolerance, justice, respect and self-esteem
To encourage teamwork and respect of individuality
To nurture ambition and leadership
To promote pride and confidence in one's own ability

School Uniform

Our school uniform is an essential part of St. Clare's. It represents the high standards that we exepect from all our students. By applyijng a strict uniform code, we are preparing our students for life as most workplaces have dress codes in operation. It also teaches students the value of neatness, tidiness and projecting a good image of oneself. The support of parents/guardians is of utmost importance in this regard and sanctions will apply where there are breaches in our uniform code.
All students are expected to wear the full school uniform everyday and to be neat and tidy in their overall appearance.

Junior Girls: Crested bottle green jumper with a gold v-neck, white blouse, green tartan skirt of knee length OR black bootleg trousers, clip-on black tie with a gold stripe, black shoes, plain black tights/black socks. Crested school fleece rain jacket.

Senior Girls: as above.

Junior Boys: Crested bottle green jumper with a gold v-neck, white shirt with collar attached, black worsted trousers, clip-on black tie with a gold stripe, black shoes. Crested school fleece rain jacket.

Senior Boys: as above.

PE Uniform : Unbranded navy bottoms and a grey polo shirt.

School Jackets : School jackets may be ordered directly form Callus and can be ordered over the phone, 074 9732185.

School Uniform Rules:

1. The  correct uniform must be worn coming to school and going home from school, on school outings and when representing the school. Travelling sports teams must wear the school tracksuit.

2. If a student cannot wear their uniform for medical reasons they must have a note form their parents/guardians explaining the circumstances.

3. Because of Health & Safety in P.E., practical classes and in the school environment as a whole, students are advised not to wear jewellery. All facial and body piercing are prohibited. Students may wear one pair of earring studs/sleepers in earlobes.

4. Students must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and smart appearance. Hairstyles should be neat, tidy and hygienically maintained. The school authorities reserve the right to decide whether a particular hairstyle or colour is acceptable or not.

5. Hats, scarves, gloves and jackets should not be worn in class. Runners are strictly forbidden (except during P.E.). Students wearing jeans will be asked to return home and change. No black-soled or high-top runners can be used for P.E.

6. Students are advised to ensure that their names are on all uniform items. the school uniform must be maintained and kept in good condition throughout the school year.

7.The school expects full co-operation from parents/guardians in ensuring that their child is correctly attired at all times.


Book Rental Scheme

St. Clare's was one of the first schools to successfully implement this system. Essentially it provides textbooks to students on a rental basis. Costs are significantly reduced and monies are refundable to students.

Click here for full details of our Book Rental Scheme


After school study is available for all students Monday - Thursday 4.30 PM - 6.30 PM.
Further details are announced on a term by term basis and are subject to demand.

Mentor System

A mentoring system is in operation in the school and assists first year students with any difficulties that they may have.

Student Council

The school has a student council with prefects elected by their peers and frequent meetings with school management enable students to discuss issues that affect them directly.


School Canteen/Vending machines

The school has an independently operated and owned canteen which supplies food before school, at morning beak and during lunch. A varied menu is available throughout the week including a number of healthy options. Vending machines throughout the school supply a range of selected food and drink items.

Pastoral Curriculum Statement

The pastoral aspect of the curriculum in St. Clare's has emerged to help students feel safe and secure within the school environment and to encourage them to use a range of opportunities to prepare for adult life. On enrolment each first year grouping is assigned mentors and class teachers who interact regularly with the students. The students progress is continuously monitored so they can reach their potential. Our Pastoral Care co-ordinator develops strategies that seek to protect, inform and develop our students in a holistic way.

The Environment

At St. Clare's Comprehensive we operate a two-bin sytem for general waste and recycling. Items accepted for recycling (paper, plastic etc.) must be placed in the green bin and non-recyclable waste must be placed in the black bin (tissues, pencil parings etc.) Chewing gum is banned from the school. In 2014, Leitrim County Council part-funded a C.S.P.E. project which facilitated the purchase of 40 black bins and 40 green bins for all of the classrooms and general areas within the school. The grant covered the purchase of key rings for junior students, indicating the correct use of the bins. This initiative was devised in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Litter Patrol

Our first years operate a litter patrol system to ensure that all areas of the school are kept to a safe and tidy standard.











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