The Chaplain is a person of faith and committed to the values of Christ, who on behalf of the school and church communities accompanies young people on their journey through life. The Chaplain is involved in supporting staff and students.

The Educational Act 1988 Section 9(d) recognises the need to “promote the moral, spiritual and personal development of students in consultation with parents having regard to the charismatic spirit of the school”. While chaplaincy is primarily concerned with the moral and spiritual development of students it plays a role in integrating these with other dimensions of education, academic, social, physical and personal.

The work of the Chaplain incorporates ministering to students, staff, student’s families and liturgical ministry.

The Chaplain is available to all members of the school community to offer support. The roles of the Chaplain include:

  • Availability to students, staff and parents
  • Support in times of bereavement and trauma
  • Liturgical celebrations within the school community
  • Support for the Pastoral Care structures
  • Liaison with Social Services and with other recognised Caring agencies
  • Counselling in a caring, confidential and non-judgemental environment




Mission Statement

The Chaplain as a faith presence, committed to Christian values accompanies each individual in the school community on their journey through life