Junior Cycle Programme

Since September 2014 the Junior Cycle was updated over a five year time frame to provide inclusive and relevant education with improved learning experiences for all learners. The core learning in Junior Cycle courses now embeds the 24 Junior Cycle Statement of Learning

The new Framework for Junior Cycle include a number of Classroom-based assessments (CBAs) which are completed during second and third year and which are an integral part of the student’s certification obtained after the State examination at the end of third year.

The Junior Cycle is a dynamic innovation and contribution to the education of our junior students. The latest curriculum and assessment information may be accessed through the NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment).

Junior Cycle at St. Clare’s Comprehensive

[O/H/C Ordinary/Higher/ Common Level]


Irish [O/H]

English [O/H]


Geography [C]

Mathematics [O/H]

Graphics [C]

Wood Technology [C]

Engineering  [C]

Science [C]

Business [C]

French [C]

Spanish [C]

History [C]

Home Economics [C]

Religious Education

Computer Studies