Mentors 2023 – 2024

With the commencement of the new academic year, the 2023 – 2024 Mentors at St. Clare’s Comprehensive are integrating with the in-coming 1st Year students. Selection and training completed, the Mentor group of eighteen Leaving Certificate students, has been working with their specific 1st Year class groups, helping students to adjust to a new school and a new community.

While starting secondary school is an exciting and rewarding time, it yet presents change, and it is in this context that the Leaving Certificate Mentors seek to help our new 1st Year students.

Our Mentor Programme has been running in the school since 1997, under the leadership of Ms Fahey, and is a well-established feature of school life at St. Clare’s Comprehensive. The Mentor group takes responsibility for various tasks and roles connected with the successful integration of our group of in-coming 1st Year students.  

To date Mentors have been involved in the 1st Year Welcome Day in May and are now working on a daily basis with our 1st Year cohort of students, helping them with the many practical issues surrounding entering secondary school and encouraging friendships and integration in social groups.